Not a Pilot? Not a Problem

You don’t have to be a pilot to enjoy the convenience of a private plane. Our pilot services make private air travel accessible to anyone using your own Cirrus aircraft or ours.

Pilot Services:

Cirrus Aircraft


or $700/extended day

Cirrus Vision Jet Experience


Type rated Phenom 100


Aircraft Rentals Rates:

2018 Cirrus Aircraft SR22T

$400/hr Dry

2014 Cirrus Aircraft SR20

$255/hr Dry

Cirrus Vision Jet

$1100/hr Dry

Aircraft Available for Rent:

2014 Cirrus Aircraft SR20  •  2018 Cirrus Aircraft  SR22T  •  Cirrus Vision Jet

Simulator Rates

(AATD FAA Approved)

Hourly Rate


Plus Instructor rate

Simulator Pre-purchase Block Packs


  • 10-hour block $1250 Plus instructor
  • 20-hour block, $2200 Plus instructor

Instructor Rates: Per Diem/Currency

CSIP and TCI Flight Instructor Rates

$100/hr (3 hr min)

  • $100/hour (3-hour minimum)
  • $300/Half Day
  • $700/Full Day
Platinum CSIP Instructor
  • Preflight | Flight instruction | Post flight brief
  • $595/Half Day
  • $1100/Full Day

*Includes pre flight, ground instruction and post debrief with a Certified Cirrus Flight Instructor type rated in a Vision Jet.

Prefer a 135 Charter Service?

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