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We’re serious about being exclusively Cirrus

  • FLY THE BEST Exclusively Cirrus Aircraft
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  • BE THE BEST One of the coolest people on earth…only cooler
SRQ Aviation is an elite flight school, offering highly personalized training and concierge service to current and aspiring Cirrus pilots.
We don’t train pilots in the traditional model. We cater to busy clients with busy schedules. Our training is tailored to your life and your objectives.
We also offer scenario-based training, so you receive flight training while traveling to your business meeting or getaway.


Adventure & Freedom of the #cirruslife

How Can We Help?

I’m here for Flight Services

  • Rent a Plane
  • Hire a Cirrus Pilot
  • Aircraft Management
  • Purchase Your First Cirrus

I’m already a Cirrus Owner

  • Embark Program
  • Hire a Cirrus pilot/mentor
  • Manage Your Cirrus
  • Leaseback Your Cirrus
  • Purchase a New Cirrus

The SRQ Aviation Flight Plan

1. Call us at 941 – 351 – 5340

2. Take a tour and schedule your training

3. Enjoy the Cirrus Lifestyle

Not a pilot?
Not a problem

  • • We provide pilot services for your plane or ours
  • • Charter a flight at Lift Air

Cirrus Sales & Aircraft Management

Besides flight instruction we offer:

  • Cirrus Aircraft Sales
  • Leaseback Options
  • Aircraft Rental
  • Aircraft Management
  • Pilot Services
  • Flight Charters at Lift Air
  • Demo flights
2019 “Pursuit of Innovation” Award     •     2017 Robert J. Collier Trophy     •     Joseph T. Nall Safety Award

Here’s what

SRQ Aviation Pilots have to say…

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Heather Lewis

The SRQ Aviation Guarantee:

Cirrus-Certified Instructors
Your instructors are all Cirrus-Certified with hundreds of hours of training in our planes with a Platinum Cirrus Certified Instructor.
New Cirrus
Train in Cirrus SR20 or new SR22T aircraft with air-conditioned comfort, Garmin-guided avionics, XM Weather Radar, and CAPS™.
Real Life, Scenario Training
Cirrus’ real-life scenario training means you can get flight hours and one-on-one instruction without putting your life on hold. Earn flight time and real experience as you fly to your destination with your instructor.
State-of-the-Art Technology
The cockpit is a poor classroom. That’s why we help prepare you for every possible situation in our FAA-Approved Aviation Training Device. This keeps your costs down and increases your skills as a pilot.
Personal &
Psychological Approach
Our flight instructors customize the training to your learning style, and to your emotional and psychological response to commanding your aircraft, so you’re better prepared for real life.
Tailored to You &
Your Lifestyle
We structure your flight instruction to accommodate your schedule. Use our planes or your own.

With SRQ Aviation

  • New Cirrus Aircraft with state-of-the-art safety
  • Experienced Cirrus Certified Instructors
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Psychologically Driven
  • Increased Skill and Competence with AATD flights simulator
  • Join the Cirrus Family

Without SRQ Aviation

  • Old planes with lower safety features, no air conditioning or parachutes
  • Instructor may or may not be Cirrus Certified
  • Traditional, syllabus-based model with training limited to the ACS
  • Standardized Lessons

Contact Us

SRQ Aviation is conveniently located at the Rectrix Aerodrome Center, on the east side of the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport. We invite you to stop by or contact us at any time.
  • 941-351-534
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